Not just cake at “Justbake”

Cravings are high😋

It was a day with my friend, when we ate those sponge cake and wished for some yummy pastries🍰. Soon later the wish was granted. 👼

“Justbake” came to our location. vidyagiri, moodbidri.

View from distance

View outdoor


It’s an one stop for birthdays 🎂. party there or take away. It’s fun n delicious. The interior is so cozy!😍

Black forest to red velvet😍 or the death by chocolate? Nope! Heart flutters when i hear that! The delicacies here are just 😋yumm.

Ready cake or customized cake , pure veggie?? it’s available.

Mouth watering isn’t it😋

Just take a visit to Just Bake😍


Summer Pataka

It’s too summer in the summer. Uggh😬 what that means🤔 ignore!

Well, i keep dripping sweat all the time.. It’s been a hottest 🔥summer. Wish i could own a breezy cloud. Between this “too hot” sickness found  PATAKA!! 

Aahhh that colour😋 that is how i reacted! “Pataka” means crackers in hindi language. Where that blue tiny pops over the pink cracks inside our mouth.

It tastes good. Beneath the pink its a vanilla creame and below that the green is  “kaccha aam”. Green mango flavour. It’s an perfect ice cream candy.

Kwality walls-paddle pop-pataka

“Pejakai” the wild fruit

fruit that I carry my childhood memories with. In those young sunny days where we wandered around the woods finding for this fruit. Though we don’t have such forests anywhere i still have that mighty tree near to me. Yay! Lucky me.. 😻

Fruit from outside

Inside the fruit

When it’s summer, i call for “pejakai“. It’s a name in Tulu language. In english it’s called as Artocarpus  hirsutus. It looks like jack fruit but the difference is the size. You can hold it hand. It’s handy. When its green its chopped and soaked in salt water and used as pickle. After ripening the fruit gets so soft that u can cut it easily. When u cut open u will find treasure. 😍 which have the blended taste of sweet and sour. its the seed inside it. And u cannot swallow the seed but only the fruit flesh covering it. Once u start eating ut and u can never stop the cravings for it.

Love for pejakai💘

Match made in heaven..

Egg and bread

Hungry?? Grab a egg&bread!!😋


  • 4 bread slices
  • 1 egg
  • 1 table spoon milk
  • Pinch of salt
  • Spices
  • Coconut oil


  • Toast the bread slices in frying pan with coconut oil halfway soaked.
  • Take a egg in a bowl,mix salt, spices like pepper/chilli/turmeric, milk in it and beat it smooth. 
  • Now when the bread is brown and hard pou the egg over it and let it fry. 
  • Your simple egg&bread is ready! Take it out to a serving plate. & Shoo off your hunger. 🙂

products and brands

Products commonly known by their brand names

Brand name is to identify a certain product, but there are several products that have created a milestone. that are commonly categorized as a product. below are those brand names and their related products.

1. Tooth paste & “Colgate”

Colgate is a toothpaste brand, but people still use it as a synonym for toothpaste.

 2. Detergent & “surf excel”

once you enter a grocery store instead of asking for a detergent if you go for “surf” the shopkeeper will quickly respond.

3. Instant noodles & “Maggi”

after the “Maggi ban” controversy people have shifted their choice to other brands, but still somewhere people randomly accept all the instant noodles brand as “Maggi”

4. photocopy & “xerox”

“xerox” is actually a brand name of a company which provides the photocopier machines. thus people have made it a synonym for photocopier.

5.mineral water & “Bisleri”

its a most commonly used synonym for mineral water. as it is one of the largest manufacturer.

 6. Cupboard & “Godrej”

 people say godrej instead of cupboards. as it was one of the famous manufacturer of cupboards.

7. Antiseptic liquid & “Dettol”

this brand was started before 80 years, where dettol antiseptic liquid was first made. people even now have made “dettol” a synonym for liquid antiseptic liquid.

8. Jeans & denim


people often confuse with jeans &denim. where as denim is a fabric and jeans is a final product from made from denim.

these are the few products & brands that are mixed together….. if you have more such in mind please do tell in the comment section.☻☻

Is legend of the blue sea plagiarized”?

 Korean drama legend of the blue sea &English movie splash(1984).

 ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea,‘ starring lee min ho and  jun ji hyun was criticized for  the plagiarism controversies, because it is being accused of  copying movie splash.
The movie ‘Splash’ is all about a successful young businessman who falls in love with the mermaid who saved him from drowning in the ocean.  Drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ focuses on a genius conman falling for the mermaid who is related to his past life.


this scene is from the movie splash(1984), where the lead mermaid girl Madison is leaving to land, to meet the lead hero Allen. Shim Cheong mermaid girl in the drama legend of the blue sea also travels to land to meet hoe jun jae lead male.
Male leads are concerned and visit the police station searching for the mermaid girls.
Shim choeng and madison are trying to learn the communication aspects, where madison is learning through television and shim cheong through laptop.
In this scene, where a male lead Allen and Jun jae had to escape a situation and states that the girl can’t speak, and suddenly the girl starts greeting.
This is exactly the same, Madison and Shim cheong share same style of eating, what do i cal an introductory style of eating. and obviously the embarrassed male leads.
Shim choeng and Madison having good time in swimming pool.
Suddenly Jun jae and Allen appears and the mermaids are now panicked. LTBS episode ended with this suspense if Jun jae caught Shim choeng or not. perhaps they were not caught.


The under water romance.

 Only the introductory part of shim choeng in drama is similar to that of the movie SPLASH(1984). story line is completely different of both the movie and drama. casting Jin ju hyun and Daryl hannah enacted the best. but my vote goes to Jin ju hyun 😉.

watch movie here→splash(1984)
watch drama here→drama fever