products and brands

Products commonly known by their brand names

Brand name is to identify a certain product, but there are several products that have created a milestone. that are commonly categorized as a product. below are those brand names and their related products.

1. Tooth paste & “Colgate”

Colgate is a toothpaste brand, but people still use it as a synonym for toothpaste.

 2. Detergent & “surf excel”

once you enter a grocery store instead of asking for a detergent if you go for “surf” the shopkeeper will quickly respond.

3. Instant noodles & “Maggi”

after the “Maggi ban” controversy people have shifted their choice to other brands, but still somewhere people randomly accept all the instant noodles brand as “Maggi”

4. photocopy & “xerox”

“xerox” is actually a brand name of a company which provides the photocopier machines. thus people have made it a synonym for photocopier.

5.mineral water & “Bisleri”

its a most commonly used synonym for mineral water. as it is one of the largest manufacturer.

 6. Cupboard & “Godrej”

 people say godrej instead of cupboards. as it was one of the famous manufacturer of cupboards.

7. Antiseptic liquid & “Dettol”

this brand was started before 80 years, where dettol antiseptic liquid was first made. people even now have made “dettol” a synonym for liquid antiseptic liquid.

8. Jeans & denim


people often confuse with jeans &denim. where as denim is a fabric and jeans is a final product from made from denim.

these are the few products & brands that are mixed together….. if you have more such in mind please do tell in the comment section.☻☻


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    ohhhhhh great..” informative”

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