Wanna be blogger!

What to write? There goes a question and my brain starts juggling up and my heart gets proactively interactive that i end up like this! Envy those who actually write! Sorted what i feel! I understand being overflooded by thoughts at times! But cmmon ya I can’t write all at one shot!?


Happiest dream! Nah, the Saddest!

I just woke up with the happiest dream i ever had! Tried to fall asleep again so that i can go back there! But no, it was a dream! I thought it would vanish from my memories! But no, i had captured each moment like a photograph in mind! So i kept recalling it and feeling like a bird with no wings. Who can just see the happy open sky she wants to dive in with happiness but it’s hopeless to fly without wings. Like me, can never go back to that dream! I wished every night to myself that the happiest dream to came back again! And i ended up waking up every morning empty! The dream which was happy became the saddest! Because i had no path which could take me there!

Happy Mothers day ❤

That was a little DIY gift for my mommy on her day.. 

It was last night after my mom went to bed i started crafting a gift for her, so that she’ll not catch me doing it. Spent an hour searching on the internet for “best diy gifts for mothers day” finally found something.. 

It said…. I LOVE YOU 🖐—-this much—-🖐 but i do more than a infinity can be. 

It was Anna Jervis who trademarked “second sunday of may” is “mothers day” in the year 1912. She had also argued with the card and gift manufacturers for making it a business and people must honor their mother through handwritten letters and handmade gifts to express their love and gratitude. Rather than using a pre made gifts. She died in the year 1948, who wasn’t a wife or mother. She spent all her life making the second sunday holiday to HOLYday.. She is the one❤ will remember her struggle.  

So this was curious me.. Wanted to know how it all started. Anyway thanks to Anna Jervis. Atleast today people will remember their mother. 

Happy mothers day mommy.. 😘 you are just everything to me nothing can reach up to your level. Just like Anna Jervis would never feel bad for sacrificing my life for you. Though you have already set a unbreakable record of sacrifices that you have made for me. Your my brightest sunshine. You never said never for all that i asked you. I know you have let back your desires for me.. But no I’ll not let that happen. 

Mommy i wanna say this to you and make you feel happy. But i cannot, because that makes me sound artificial. Thanks to these platforms where you gotta share what you feel. This for us who are weak expressing it face to face.. 

Well, i love you infinity much mommy.. 💕

Not just cake at “Justbake”

Cravings are high😋

It was a day with my friend, when we ate those sponge cake and wished for some yummy pastries🍰. Soon later the wish was granted. 👼

“Justbake” came to our location. vidyagiri, moodbidri.

View from distance

View outdoor


It’s an one stop for birthdays 🎂. party there or take away. It’s fun n delicious. The interior is so cozy!😍

Black forest to red velvet😍 or the death by chocolate? Nope! Heart flutters when i hear that! The delicacies here are just 😋yumm.

Ready cake or customized cake , pure veggie?? it’s available.

Mouth watering isn’t it😋

Just take a visit to Just Bake😍

Summer Pataka

It’s too summer in the summer. Uggh😬 what that means🤔 ignore!

Well, i keep dripping sweat all the time.. It’s been a hottest 🔥summer. Wish i could own a breezy cloud. Between this “too hot” sickness found  PATAKA!! 

Aahhh that colour😋 that is how i reacted! “Pataka” means crackers in hindi language. Where that blue tiny pops over the pink cracks inside our mouth.

It tastes good. Beneath the pink its a vanilla creame and below that the green is  “kaccha aam”. Green mango flavour. It’s an perfect ice cream candy.

Kwality walls-paddle pop-pataka

“Pejakai” the wild fruit

fruit that I carry my childhood memories with. In those young sunny days where we wandered around the woods finding for this fruit. Though we don’t have such forests anywhere i still have that mighty tree near to me. Yay! Lucky me.. 😻

Fruit from outside

Inside the fruit

When it’s summer, i call for “pejakai“. It’s a name in Tulu language. In english it’s called as Artocarpus  hirsutus. It looks like jack fruit but the difference is the size. You can hold it hand. It’s handy. When its green its chopped and soaked in salt water and used as pickle. After ripening the fruit gets so soft that u can cut it easily. When u cut open u will find treasure. 😍 which have the blended taste of sweet and sour. its the seed inside it. And u cannot swallow the seed but only the fruit flesh covering it. Once u start eating ut and u can never stop the cravings for it.

Love for pejakai💘

Match made in heaven..

Egg and bread

Hungry?? Grab a egg&bread!!😋


  • 4 bread slices
  • 1 egg
  • 1 table spoon milk
  • Pinch of salt
  • Spices
  • Coconut oil


  • Toast the bread slices in frying pan with coconut oil halfway soaked.
  • Take a egg in a bowl,mix salt, spices like pepper/chilli/turmeric, milk in it and beat it smooth. 
  • Now when the bread is brown and hard pou the egg over it and let it fry. 
  • Your simple egg&bread is ready! Take it out to a serving plate. & Shoo off your hunger. 🙂