Happy Mothers day ❤

That was a little DIY gift for my mommy on her day.. 

It was last night after my mom went to bed i started crafting a gift for her, so that she’ll not catch me doing it. Spent an hour searching on the internet for “best diy gifts for mothers day” finally found something.. 

It said…. I LOVE YOU 🖐—-this much—-🖐 but i do more than a infinity can be. 

It was Anna Jervis who trademarked “second sunday of may” is “mothers day” in the year 1912. She had also argued with the card and gift manufacturers for making it a business and people must honor their mother through handwritten letters and handmade gifts to express their love and gratitude. Rather than using a pre made gifts. She died in the year 1948, who wasn’t a wife or mother. She spent all her life making the second sunday holiday to HOLYday.. She is the one❤ will remember her struggle.  

So this was curious me.. Wanted to know how it all started. Anyway thanks to Anna Jervis. Atleast today people will remember their mother. 

Happy mothers day mommy.. 😘 you are just everything to me nothing can reach up to your level. Just like Anna Jervis would never feel bad for sacrificing my life for you. Though you have already set a unbreakable record of sacrifices that you have made for me. Your my brightest sunshine. You never said never for all that i asked you. I know you have let back your desires for me.. But no I’ll not let that happen. 

Mommy i wanna say this to you and make you feel happy. But i cannot, because that makes me sound artificial. Thanks to these platforms where you gotta share what you feel. This for us who are weak expressing it face to face.. 

Well, i love you infinity much mommy.. 💕


Is legend of the blue sea plagiarized”?

 Korean drama legend of the blue sea &English movie splash(1984).

 ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea,‘ starring lee min ho and  jun ji hyun was criticized for  the plagiarism controversies, because it is being accused of  copying movie splash.
The movie ‘Splash’ is all about a successful young businessman who falls in love with the mermaid who saved him from drowning in the ocean.  Drama ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ focuses on a genius conman falling for the mermaid who is related to his past life.


this scene is from the movie splash(1984), where the lead mermaid girl Madison is leaving to land, to meet the lead hero Allen. Shim Cheong mermaid girl in the drama legend of the blue sea also travels to land to meet hoe jun jae lead male.
Male leads are concerned and visit the police station searching for the mermaid girls.
Shim choeng and madison are trying to learn the communication aspects, where madison is learning through television and shim cheong through laptop.
In this scene, where a male lead Allen and Jun jae had to escape a situation and states that the girl can’t speak, and suddenly the girl starts greeting.
This is exactly the same, Madison and Shim cheong share same style of eating, what do i cal an introductory style of eating. and obviously the embarrassed male leads.
Shim choeng and Madison having good time in swimming pool.
Suddenly Jun jae and Allen appears and the mermaids are now panicked. LTBS episode ended with this suspense if Jun jae caught Shim choeng or not. perhaps they were not caught.


The under water romance.

 Only the introductory part of shim choeng in drama is similar to that of the movie SPLASH(1984). story line is completely different of both the movie and drama. casting Jin ju hyun and Daryl hannah enacted the best. but my vote goes to Jin ju hyun 😉.

watch movie here→splash(1984)
watch drama here→drama fever